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All Downloads in Tax Planning Brochures

College Financial Aid Planning

This brochure provides valuable information about how assets and income affect the financial aid application process. It also includes asset and debt strategies to help with the planning process. – Download PDF

Dependent Moving Out Worksheet

This worksheet provides a method for calculating the cost of moving out of home. – Download PDF

Early Retirement Distributions

This brochure highlights the rules regarding the expectation to the 10% penalty for early retirement distributions. It also discusses the possible risks involved in implementing this strategy. – Download PDF

Estate Planning, Wills, Probate, Transfer of Assets

This brochure highlights the importance of having a will. Issues such as property passing at death and probate are also discussed. – Download PDF

Financial Planning Guide

This brochure provides a high-level Overview of the financial planning process. Taxpayers can gain valuable information on personal financial planning and income tax planning. – Download PDF

Newlyweds Tax Tips

This brochure outlines some of the steps taxpayers should take once they become married. It explains how to handle tax filing requirements as well as personal things such as notifying financial institutions. – Download PDF

Pension Income Planning

This brochure outlines some of the considerations for an employee who is selecting a pension option. It also provides a description of a potential financial limitation of choosing the wrong type of pension payout and a strategy to consider to alleviate drawbacks of the various choices. – Download PDF

Saving for College

This brochure discusses the various methods of saving for college. It includes information on contribution limits as well as tax benefits associated with each method of saving. – Download PDF