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All Downloads in Personal 1040 Brochures

Alternative Minimum Tax

This brochure gives a definition of what the alternative minimum tax (AMT) is and how it is applied. It also highlights some historical perspective on how the AMT has changed over the years. – Download PDF


This brochure provides guidance for taxpayers who are undergoing an IRS audit. It includes an overview of how audits are conducted as well as a strategy for preparing for the audit. – Download PDF

Benefits of Using a Paid Preparer

Please give this brochure to someone in need of our services. – Download PDF

Cancellation of Debt - Insolvency

This brochure defines what it means to be insolvent. It includes a worksheet for a taxpayer to determine if he or she is insolvent and it explains the tax implications of cancelled debt. – Download PDF

Capital Gains and Losses

This brochure defines what assets are considered capital assets. It also discusses holding periods of assets, basis, and capital gain rates. – Download PDF

Charitable Contributions - Recordkeeping Requirements

This brochure discusses recordkeeping requirements for cash donations. It also provides a donation tracker worksheet as well as a charitable mileage log. – Download PDF

Charitable Contributions Guide

This guide outlines the types of qualified charities which can receive tax deductible donations. It also discusses contributions of property including the donation of a vehicle. – Download PDF

Charitable Noncash Donation FMV Guide

This provides a fair market value guide for the donation of goods. There is also a tracker for taxpayers to record donations. – Download PDF

Clergy - Religious Workers

Ministerial income, self-employment tax, and parsonage housing allowance. – Download PDF

Consumer Credit

This brochure gives individuals a quick checklist of how to protect themselves upon notification of identity theft. It also provides information on credit counseling and debt management plans. – Download PDF


Crowdfunding is a new, exciting, and successful method of raising funds for individuals in need, causes with social value, and business start-ups. – Download PDF

Death of a Taxpayer

This brochure discusses the responsibility of the personal representative when a tax payer dies. It also discusses the tax returns that need to be filed upon death. – Download PDF

Dependent Moving Out Worksheet

This worksheet provides a method for calculating the cost of moving out of home. – Download PDF

Dependent Support Worksheet

This worksheet defines what is meant by support and includes a worksheet to help calculate the expenses paid to determine the financial support of an individual. – Download PDF

Divorce and Taxes

This brochure defines the tax status of taxpayers who are separated or divorcing. It also provides information on property transfers, alimony, and child support. – Download PDF

Education Tax Benefits

This brochure discusses the education tax benefits. It also provides a comparison of education credits and discusses the education savings plans. – Download PDF

Estimated Taxes

This brochure defines the requirement to pay taxes through withholding and/or estimated payments. It includes estimated tax payment due dates. – Download PDF

Extending Your Individual Income Tax Return

Can I extend the filing due date of my tax return? – Download PDF

Families With Children

This brochure provides a listing of various tax credits available for families with children. The rules and limits for each credit are outlined. – Download PDF

Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts

This brochure provides tax filing guidance for taxpayers who have financial assets in a foreign countries. The information contains filing requirements and penalty information for failure to file. – Download PDF

Gambling Log

This brochure highlights the tax reporting requirements for taxpayers who have gambling winnings. It also includes a worksheet to track gambling activity. – Download PDF

Gift Tax

This brochure discusses the gift tax provisions including the annual exclusion and the lifetime gift exclusion. It contrasts which transfers are considered gifts and which transfers are not considered gifts. – Download PDF

Health Care Reform - Cost-Sharing Reduction and the Premium Tax Credit

This brochure provides information on the subsidy for individuals with high-deductible health insurance plans and how to apply for the subsidy. – Download PDF

Health Care Reform - Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace helps uninsured people find health coverage. – Download PDF

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

This brochure discusses the provision of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) as well as the rules limitations. – Download PDF

High-Income Taxpayers

This brochure provides a listing of deduction limitations for taxpayers who have higher taxable income. – Download PDF

Hobby vs. Business

This brochure explains the deduction limitation for activities that are considered a hobby and lists the factors that may determine whether an activity is a hobby or a business. – Download PDF

Household Employees

This brochure identifies who is considered a household employee and discusses the tax reporting requirements of employers who employ household workers. – Download PDF

Identity Theft and Your Taxes

Taxpayers who are victims of identity theft may find that the thieves have filed a fraudulent income tax return. This brochure provides guidance on the steps the taxpayer should take to file their valid return as well as specific things to do to prevent future problems. – Download PDF

Itemized Deductions - Casualty and Theft Losses

This brochure identifies which losses are deductible and which gains realized are taxable. Disaster relief is also discussed. – Download PDF

Itemized Deductions - Homeowners

This brochure identifies expenses for homeowners which are deductible as itemized deductions. It also includes a chart for home mortgage debt limits. – Download PDF

Itemized Deductions - Interest Paid

This brochure differentiates interest expenses that are deductible from those that are not deductible. Reverse mortgages are also discussed. – Download PDF

Itemized Deductions - Medical Expenses

This brochure discusses which medical expenses are deductible and who can deduct those expenses. It also highlights the deductible expenses for long-term care and nursing home costs. – Download PDF

Itemized Deductions - Taxes Paid

This brochure discusses which taxes paid are deductible as well as any limitations on the deductibility of those taxes. – Download PDF

Kiddie Tax

This brochure discusses the tax treatment of a child’s unearned (investment) income. – Download PDF

Moving Expenses

This brochure provides information on the deductibility of moving expenses. It provides guidance on which expenses are deductible and guidance on handling employer reimbursements. – Download PDF

Multi-State Taxation

This brochure provides guidance to taxpayers who have state incomes tax liability to more than one state. It also provides information for taxpayers associated with the military. – Download PDF

Recordkeeping for Tax Purposes

This brochure explains the type of records which should be kept and the retention period of those records. The information is beneficial for recordkeeping of individual tax records and also for recordkeeping of business tax records. – Download PDF

Sale of a Principal Residence

This brochure discusses the tax ramification of selling your home. – Download PDF

Standard vs Itemized Deduction

This brochure compares the use of the standard deduction vs. using itemized deductions. The phaseout of the itemized deductions is also discussed. – Download PDF

Stock Options - Same Day Sales

This brochure provides guidance on the taxation of exercising stock options and tax reporting of these transactions. – Download PDF

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - Individuals

This handout contains an overview of the new tax law that was signed into law on December 22, 2017. This overview focuses on changes for individuals. Information includes changes to itemized deductions, adjustments to income, and the Child Tax Credit. – Download PDF

Tax Facts and Figures

This brochure provides charts of inflation-adjusted tax provisions, tax rate schedules, and net capital gain tax rates. – Download PDF

Tax Scams - Protect Yourself

This brochure contains information on types of tax scams including IRS impersonation scams. Included is guidance on how a taxpayer can protect himself or herself and specific actions to take. – Download PDF

Taxable Social Security Benefits

This brochure explains the calculation of income to determine what amount, if any, of Social Security benefits are taxable. It also provides strategies to prevent Social Security benefits from becoming taxable. – Download PDF

Taxpayers Who Receive an IRS Notice

This brochure explains how taxpayers should handle affairs once they have received a notice from the IRS. It also discusses how to avoid future notices and explains what rights the taxpayer has. – Download PDF

Tipped Employees

This brochure provides information on how to report tip income. Recordkeeping requirements are also explained. – Download PDF

What Should You Do if You Cannot Pay Your Taxes

This brochure explains the options a taxpayer has when he or she cannot pay the taxes due by the due date. There is also information on requesting an installment agreement. – Download PDF

Withholding - Filling Out Form W-4

This brochure provides an explanation of what Form W-4 is and how it is used by employers. also included is guidance on filling out the form. – Download PDF