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All Downloads in Retirement Related Brochures

Early Retirement Distributions

This brochure highlights the rules regarding the expectation to the 10% penalty for early retirement distributions. It also discusses the possible risks involved in implementing this strategy. – Download PDF

Individual Retirement Accounts - Backdoor Roth IRA

This handout reviews the rules which allow an individual to bypass income limitations and effectively make a Roth IRA contribution. – Download PDF

Individual Retirement Accounts - Inherited IRAs

This brochure discusses how an inherited IRA differs from your own IRA. – Download PDF

Individual Retirement Accounts - Kinds of IRAs and Prohibited Transactions

This brochure discusses the various types of IRAs and the tax benefits and implications of each. It also discusses the effect of the taxpayer's participation in prohibited transactions within these types of accounts. – Download PDF

Individual Retirement Accounts - Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)

This brochure reviews the rules on how to take a taxable traditional IRA distribution and convert it into nontaxable by making qualified charitable distribution. – Download PDF

Individual Retirement Accounts - Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

This brochure reviews the rules for required minimum distributions from IRAs and defined contribution plans. – Download PDF

Individual Retirement Accounts - Roth IRAs

This brochure discusses the tax advantages of a Roth IRA and information on contributions and conversion rules. – Download PDF

Individual Retirement Accounts - Traditional IRAs

This brochure discusses the tax advantages and rules of traditional IRAs. It also includes the phase outs for deducting contributions for taxpayers who are also covered by an employer-sponsored plan. – Download PDF

Pension Income Planning

This brochure outlines some of the considerations for an employee who is selecting a pension option. It also provides a description of a potential financial limitation of choosing the wrong type of pension payout and a strategy to consider to alleviate drawbacks of the various choices. – Download PDF

Retirement Income

This brochure discusses a taxpayer's various sources of retirement income including Social Security, pension, and IRA distributions. Age-specific requirements and tax implications are highlighted. – Download PDF

Reverse Mortgages

This handout contains information for homeowners over age 62 who may be interested in converting the equity in his or her home into cash. Included is guidance on who qualifies for a reverse mortgage and examples of reverse mortgage situations. – Download PDF

Saving for Retirement

This brochure highlights the various types of retirement accounts along with the contribution limits and rules. It also includes information on qualifying for the Retirement Saving Contribution Credit. – Download PDF

Social Security and Medicare

This brochure highlights the components of Social Security retirement and disability benefits. It also provides an Overview of Medicare eligibility and benefits. – Download PDF

Taxable Social Security Benefits

This brochure explains the calculation of income to determine what amount, if any, of Social Security benefits are taxable. It also provides strategies to prevent Social Security benefits from becoming taxable. – Download PDF