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Tax Preparation

Individuals – Our team prepares over a thousand tax returns each year servicing all types of family units. For many individuals, tax preparation and filing may seem like and overwhelming task. With constant change to complicated Federal and State tax laws, along with life and financial changing events, this is a common feeling for a large majority of the population. Overlooking deductions and credits that you are entitled to can cost you money. Additionally, the accidental omission of items classified as taxable income can cost you even more down the road.

Business – We service all types of small businesses. Whether you are a Sole Proprietor, LLC, Partnership, Corporation or a Non-profit Organization filing tax forms in a timely and efficient manner is an important part of business and it is something we take very seriously. Our experienced professionals are very thorough and continually strive for excellence through continuing education and research to stay up to date on tax laws.

Estate & Trusts – Dealing with the financial affairs of a loved one that has died can be a daunting and confusing task. We will help with this as much as we can, including working with your legal counsel and/or financial advisors. Estate taxes and estate tax filing may be required upon the death of an individual. The term "trust" is used by the IRS as a declaration whereby a trustee, or trustees, take title to the property of another to protect or conserve it for the beneficiaries. Trust administration includes filing taxes, distribution of assets to beneficiaries and more.

Electronic Filing – 99% of all tax returns we prepare are filed electronically at no extra charge. A full four to six weeks can be shaved off of the process to receive your tax refund by filing electronically versus mailing a paper copy. Typically, a refund is deposited directly to your bank account within two weeks after filing. If you have taxes due you can still wait to pay them closer to April 15 th.

Errors in a tax return are caught much quicker with e-filing. The IRS claims a less than 1% error rate on e-filed returns.

We will receive an acknowledgement as soon as your return is accepted by the taxing agencies which eliminates any chance of getting lost in the mail.

Finally, numerous security measures are in place to ensure your tax return information is as secure OR more secure than tax returns sent in the mail.

Tax Planning

Minimizing your tax liability begins with long-term strategizing and an annual review prior to year-end. Tax planning is very important whether you are a business, a married couple, a family, or an individual. We don’t have a crystal ball but it is better to talk about plans for the future so we can help you with strategies and set goals to minimize your tax liabilities.

IRS Representation

IRS & State notices, audits, and offer-in-compromises – Our Enrolled Agents can help.

What is an Enrolled Agent? An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally licensed tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS for audits, collections, and appeals.

Attorneys and CPAs may represent tax payers as well but not all attorneys and CPAs have chosen to specialize in taxes. All EAs specialize in taxation and are the only taxpayer representatives who receive their credentials from the U.S. Government by passing comprehensive examinations. They are also the only tax professionals that may represent clients in any part of the country.

Enrolled Agents provide tax preparation, representation, tax planning, and other financial services to millions of individuals, businesses, and other entities with tax-reporting requirements. EAs adhere to a code of ethics and professional conduct and are required by the IRS to complete annual continuing professional education.

Like attorneys and CPAs, Enrolled Agents are governed by Treasury Circular 230 in their practice before the IRS.


Business Start-up – We can help guide you through the process. Whether starting a new business, adding to an existing business, or changing how you do business, we can help guide you in developing the business structure that is right for you. We will also help with registering with government agencies and acquiring the proper documentation needed.

Bookkeeping Service – The foundation for a successful business is well-organized financial records. Timely and efficient bookkeeping services are available for businesses of all sizes on a monthly basis.


Bank Reconciliation

Sales Tax Filing

Payroll Services

The main reasons why small companies outsource payroll are:

  • The lack of personnel to handle the responsibilities in-house
  • To gain time and efficiency
  • Lack of the right equipment or technology and
  • The need for security and confidentiality

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are administrative duties taking too much time away from your business?
  2. Is your payroll often wrong, requiring even more time for corrections?
  3. Have you been fined by any taxing authority for missing a payment deadline?
  4. Are you doing business in ignorance of the rules, hoping they don’t apply to you?

If you answer “yes” to any of these, give us a call, you should consider having us process your payroll.

We have a full range of options –

  • Employee check preparation
  • Flexible payment options – employee’s checks delivered to the employer, mailed directly to the employee, employer prints checks, or direct deposit.
  • Online access to check stubs and W-2 for employees.
  • Federal, state, and local tax deposits are paid automatically and on time.
  • Quarterly and year-end tax forms filed electronically, accurately and on time.
  • New hire employee forms provided – employers are required to have each new employee fill out certain forms and keep on file.
  • New hire reporting to state agency.
  • Detailed Reports for employers with online access to reports and tax filings.
  • Employment wage posters provided. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires businesses of all sizes, that have employees, to display certain wage posters and placed where employees will see them as they come and go from work.
  • And more.

QuickBooks Software Service & Support

Software – We will help you choose the correct version of QuickBooks that fits your business.

Build your program – QuickBooks isn’t necessarily all set up for your type of business and ready to use right out of the box.

Training – QuickBooks is a very powerful program but it can be a bit intimidating also. We can sit down with you and walk you through the areas you don’t understand.

Troubleshoot – If you are questioning “why is the software acting that way” or “why did it put that number there” or “how can I undo that” give us a call.

QuickBooks Professional Advisor Program – Some of our staff are members of this program because we have taken training classes provided by QuickBooks company.

In the Cloud

Our client portal provides the convenience of 24/7 access to your tax returns, financials, and other documents. You also have the ability to transfer documents, upload bookkeeping software, transfer payroll data, and complete your tax organizer securely from anywhere. We have partnered with company called Smart Vault for this service. To take advantage of this free service call our office to get setup. If you already have access clink this link to login https://csaccounting.smartvault.com.